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History of Iran

Welcome to Iran the home of majestic Architectural masterpieces like the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and the Boylston palace Although having its roots in ancient times the country itself has a very recent history only becoming an Islamic republic in the year 1979. The Land Where Iran is located was formerly known as Persia and once a dominating world power during the times of Cyrus the Great.

This Article with some basic facts the official name of the country is the Islamic Republic of Iran and as I mentioned earlier it became an Islamic republic in the year 1979. This is one-day monarchy was overthrown and religious clerics assumed the political the power under supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

The official language in Iran is Persian also known as Farsi at the time of writing this article the population of Iran is estimated to be 83 million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand and nine forty-nine people. Iran Currently is the world eighteen most Populous country and comprising a land area of 1 million 640 8195 Square Kilometres. It's the second-largest country in the middle east and the seventeenth largest country in the world. Iran is located in West Asia and it borders the Caspian Sea in the North and the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in southern Iran is bordered by the Country's Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Now as we continue with the fact here is the official flag of Iran. This flag was adopted in the year 1980 and it has three equal horizontal Bands of Green, white and red. The Green is the colour of Islam and represents growth, white symbolizes honesty and peace and the Red stands for bravery as well as it represents all of the marvels. Now when you take a look in the centre white band there's a stylized version of the word Allah as well as the phrase La Ilaha Illa-Allah, the meaning is there's no deity But God, it's more specifically also translated as there is no God but Allah. It's also written in the shape of a to lift as well as along the inner edges of the green and red stripes We see the phrase Allahu Akbar written 22 times, and that means God is great.

Now looking a little bit more into the history of Iran the region now called Iran used to be occupied by the Medes and the Persians in 1500 BC. But this was until the Persian king Cyrus the Great. Overthrew the median Empire and he became the ruler of the acuminated Empire ruled by the Persian that lasted from 550 BC to 330 BC. The history of the Persian people also has very religious significance. According to the ancient Hebrew Scriptures written by the prophet Isaiah of ancient Israel God mentioned Cyrus would conquer other nation and according to scholars, This was a hundred and fifty years before the time of Cyrus the Great. According to ISAIAH 45:1, it says “Thus says the God to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I have grasped to subdue nations before him and to loose the belts of kings to open doors before him that gates might not be closed”. When we also know that you're on Iranians are known for their woven rug everybody loves those Persian rugs. But did you know that when creating these rugs many Iranian weavers make a mistake Intentionally and this is to show their belief that only God is perfect Interesting to note that after oil the second-largest export commodity that Iran had is Rugs.

Supreme leader al comedy chose by religious group President Hassan Rouhani was chosen by people second in position GDP for 84 billion dollars and SDI ranked 65th Iran ranks and 14th position out of 138 countries in the matter of Défense.

Iran Currency

The currency of Iran is Rial. It is also said Iranian Rial. But, most of the Iranian peoples say 1 Toman, we may think it’s 1 Rial, but the Toman is the virtual name of rial that is mostly used by the Iranian’s, that means if anyone says 1 Toman is equal to the 10 Rial. Many people are confused about this currency.

Example: 10 Toman=100 Rial

Iran Women

Life and condition of Iran women and girls. In this one serious note in this article I am not trying to disrespect any religion or a sect or a country I am only telling whatever I found from many authentic sources and whatever written in Iran's the and if anyone's getting hurt sorry for that.

The Islamic Revolution of 1979 what seismic changes that stopped the progressiveness of women in the society and them became only things of using the hand of men earlier to this women were part of everything in every matter of Iran like Education, Politics, Economy in science in tech and they were contributing very well but changes in it are ruined their freedom and lifestyle.

Family and society, now the husband is the head of the family and his wife is legally bound to him a married woman cannot leave the country without his permission and can't do any job without any female consent according to the law of Iran. For example, a female football star here this star in Iran was banned from travelling to an international tournament by her husband he refused to sign the paper allowing her to renew her passport meaning she was unable to play nation cup.

Polygamy and “temporary marriages”, which keep a man right to have as many as sexual partners as there wish. This unethical freedom is only allowed for men in a legal disapprove of women's testimonies as the witness is worth half of that of men.

Earlier in Iran women who are getting equal freedom dressing and lifestyle before the Revolution, the hijab was already widely won by many women but they also chose to own Western Eastern coats including tight-fitting jeans, Miniskirts and short sleeve dogs the new Islamic authorities imposed a mandatory dress code that required all women to wear hijab these are legal requirements punishable by fines or imprisonment for repeat offenders, this is a scene you would never longer to expect to see in Iran no movement can organize a picnic like this or can't wear clothes like this but now in modern life, few people have started opposing this mandatory law they want to make this as a matter of choice and faith, not by the force of law.

Nowadays you wouldn't see a man inside the hairdressers and women have to cover up their hair as soon as they walked out the door some people may operate the secret saloon in their own homes where men and women can mix but not openly.

Sports, after the Revolution women were banned from watching for the match in a stadium in Iran this led to a lot of protests because football is a very popular game in Iran and women could only watch on television. After 40 years of protest Iran on left the band in 2018 to watch in a stadium, this is a scene of women watching first football match listens to the idiom in Azadi stadium in Tehran.

Education, earlier to revolution education of women were very progressive like Western education model they were doing researches in engineering, medical & science in tech. But after the 80s there came many restrictions and the woman could only study a specific subject. But in modernist, there is also good news coming unlike in Saudi Arabia, Iranian women were never bent protrude from driving and to move with the relatives now there is no restriction on female primary or secondary education

Now at the industry level, women comprise the majority of the students however certain universities banned female students from a studying specific subject usually those concerning engineering and technology condition of Iran in this matter is far better than most Middle East countries.

Politics, women are allowed to run for Parliament but 290 seat house currently has only nine female members president Hassan Rouhani has made an important gesture by appointing a handful of female ministers the most senior M if they occur serves as one of Iran's vice president but every time a woman has tried to run for president she has always been turned down of counsel a powerful committee of the old man which has to the supreme power in this.

Iran tourism

These are some tourist attraction of Iran:

1.     Caspian Sea -Biggest lake in the world

2.     Kaboud-Val Waterfall

3.     Goleston National Park

4.     Mount Damavand- Highest Volcano in Asia

5.     Rainbow mountains  

6.     Heyran Village (Astara)

7.     Bazaar of Tabriz -One of the oldest bazaars in the world

8.     Golestan Palace

9.     Esfahan

10.  Azadi Tower

11.  Blue Mosque

12.  Persepolis 

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